Trawling Fleets

If you are the manager of a trawler fleet, you should know where your vessels are at all times. Having accurate knowledge can go a long way, improving not only the coordination of your fleet on the fishing grounds but also providing additional safety for your crews.

Trawler Fleet Tracker is designed specifically to address fishing fleet requirements. It combines GPS, satellite communication, computer color plotting and the internet, that give the fleet manager accurate information about the activities of his vessels on a day to day basis.

But that is just the starting point. The TFT system provides many items of interest to the fleet manager in addition to the Latitude/Longitude positions.


Chart Plotting
Against a background chart of the fishing area, TFT presents color plot displays for individual vessels or groups of vessels, with position, speed and heading of each vessel; a track plot of the hourly positions (going back as far as you like); a plot of each and every trawl; and a plot of the number of baskets of catch caught each day for each vessel.

Since all data is stored indefinitely, these plot instantly display any number of day worth of history to allow you to pick out positive and negative trends and make management adjustments immediately.


If you wish to send a particular captain a confidential message or instruction, TFT sends encrypted electronic "mail" back and forth between the vessels and the base. Just drop a note in the Captain's "mailbox" and he alone will receive it without any error or misunderstandings. In the morning, you can review your own "mail" in a few minutes without having to spend a part of your morning calling each vessel in turn, by voice.

Trawler Fleet Tracker is designed to use Orbcomm's Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites, a GPS, and the interent to link your individual vessels back to your office. At scheduled intervals, each vessel automatically sends the current data using an onboard satellite communicator (SC), designed specifically to link with the LEO satellites. The transmissions generally require only a few seconds.

An important part of TFT is its presentation of both current and historical data. There are 3-D color graphs, prebuilt, which will display not only the quantity caught each day by each vessel but more.

Trawler Fleet Tracker has provided a table where you can enter today's market price of each category of catch. You can then view a 3-D color graph showing present market value of the catch in the hold.

Superimposed onto each color graph is a line that shows the average results for all your vessels at sea. Immediately, it becomes evident which boats are performing above or below the fleet average, allowing you the opportunity to make necessary adjustments.

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