With over 10 years in the tracking business, Sasco has developed systems in a variety of marine industries. Because we are not reliant on any single satellite provider, our service capabilities are nearly unlimited.
Manage your fleet from your office. With Trawler Fleet Tracker you will be able to get vessel positions, voyage tracking, and catch information. The built-in messaging system allows private communications between your office and the vessels in your fleet.
Maintain a constant surveillance of your Ocean Buoys without leaving the office. Using SASCO's tracking and communication technology, you can continually monitor the status and location of your buoy fleet.
Visually display the location and type of every barge in your fleet from your base station computer. Know the position of the most appropriate barge for any scheduled or unscheduled pickup, track the day-to-day progress, and better manage all schedules.
Customized software was developed to monitor platform components and send warning messages during platform system failures or outages. A constant survailance of remote equipment saves thousands by reducing or eliminating checkup voyages.
Affordable two-way e-mail communication (while at sea) enables you to stay in contact with your Yacht Delivery Crews. Advantages include: Weather reports and advisories, itinerary changes and instructions, safety purposes, and personal messaging.
Sasco systems are used to monitor parts of a private rocket fleet.  Using durable selfcontained systems we track the lower "booster" stage of a rocket as it falls back to earth for recovery and reuse. Visit the photos page for some great images!
SASCO's hardware and software versatility is extremely useful in the scientific research industry. SASCO works with research science institutions to develop custom instrumentation for unique data gathering and transmission purposes.
SASCO's hopper dredger systems communicate the position of each hopper in the fleet, its load, and its bay door status (open or closed) to ensure a dredging project is efficient and that it meets all government regulations.